Inner Animal


The BEE in me is waiting for warmer weather.  Huddling in the darkness, in the cold, rubbing my hands and feet together to spark some heat waves.  Scurrying to keep busy, busy, busy, always on task and with a purpose to my every move.


The HUMMINGBIRD in me is always on high alert, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Going from one project to the next like flower to flower, gathering the sweetness.  Forever looking for the nectar, the pearly white teeth, the wisdom within the happening.


The RAVEN in me is moody and withdrawn.  Quietly watching, always observing, just out of reach.  Brooding in the meditative, early morning, tea sipping, couch time with myself and Danny Dog.  Mind actively alert and calculating everything in its perfect timing.  Sit, Still, await the right time to make the next move.


The ELEPHANT in me is holding onto my most cherished memories. Forgetting everything and nothing at the same time. Tears well up when I’m all alone and can reminisce.  The Elephant in me cares so deeply about family, pulls the tiny helpless youngster out of the slippery river bank.  My Elephant memory remembers only half of the truth.


The LLAMA in me likes togetherness, likes Tribe, likes writing with women on Mondays.  The llama in me loves to hike, trek and ground with the mother earth beneath my feet. Walking two by two, pacing myself, knowing that NOW is all that there is.


The DOG in me is smug.  It’s part Pug.  It loves napping in the sunshine.  It loves chasing squirrels like it chases dreams.  The Dog in me howls at the moon and runs uncontrollably when it hears certain sounds.  Tractors, Road Graders, and Snow Plows hold a certain fascination.


The Goat in me is sturdy, dirty and grazes on weeds and other edibles.  She wears flowers in her hair and dances on tippy toes.  She looks for trouble around every bend in the road and climbs trees with the grace of a ballerina.


The GIRRAFE in me is calm, clear-headed and bright-eyed.  The Girrafe in me pays close attention to diet and exercise.  She loves her flexibility and strength.  She fasts on liquids for days at a time, sometimes weeks. Leafy greens and high hanging fruit are her favorites.  She longs to be a monkey at times, to frolic in the upper canopy but is satisfied with being a Giraffe because of her viewpoint. She knows that the Mirage is not just a figment of the imagination.


The SEA TURTLE in me is floating in a world of imagination and light.  Beauty flows in and out of my mind, my heart and wraps around my Being.  The Sea Turtle in me moves effortlessly through life – avoiding the pitfalls and hungry sharks.


The TOMCAT in me likes to wander the streets alone, scavenge for treasures in unobvious places.  The TomCat in me likes the challenge in the chase.  Online dating, blind dates and talking to strangers at coffee shops I find intriguing.  He likes going to movies alone and dining at a table for one.


The MANATEE in me is used to being ignored, relishes in nature as its oasis in the midst of life’s storms.  The Manatee in me sees all the beauty in survival by focusing on NOW exactly as it is.  It wishes it would have a thicker skin and be as tough as nails more than not.


The MOUNTAIN LION in me is pacing, craving, ready to endure the longest, toughest of times without regret or a whimper.  The Lion in me keeps the peace with its sheer presence.  Fear, razor-sharp teeth, intimidating… I don’t think so.


The MOUSE in me loves to nest.  The Mouse in me is into Tiny Houses and Functional Spaces with no waste.  She likes Sustainable Gardening and Living off the Grid.  She will find a way to make Ghee from Goat or Sheep milk. The mouse in me hates to give up Cheese!




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